Your Gateway to Safe and Smart Access Control

Secure, Smooth, Smart: Your Ultimate Access Solution

With the help of high-quality access gates and advanced software, businesses, event venues, and even public institutions like schools and hospitals can significantly improve their security and operational efficiency. By implementing solutions such as tourniquets, speed gates, and access readers like barcodes, iris scanners, or RFID systems, a safe and smooth flow of people can be ensured.

Custom Software, Total Control: The blueprint for seamless access

The accompanying software plays a key role in optimizing these systems, and it's a service we also offer. We can provide our own advanced access control software or seamlessly integrate it with your existing software solutions. With real-time monitoring and reporting features, administrators can immediately respond to any incidents or anomalies, such as unauthorized access attempts. Advanced settings allow for different access levels to be assigned to various user groups. Whether you need an entirely new access control system or want to expand or improve your current system, we can offer a flexible, secure, and efficient solution tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Open Doors to the Future with Doorsecure

Wide Design Choices

Do you want to choose from existing, proven designs, or do you have specific requirements? At Doorsecure, we have our own production line, enabling us to fulfill your wishes from A to Z.

Data Tracking

At Doorsecure, we understand that you want insights into how your product or location is being used. We offer clear usage statistics! Want to learn more about data tracking?

Integration with Your Existing CRM

If you already have a member or employee database, why switch to a new system? Doorsecure has its own developers, allowing for seamless integration with your current systems.