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Innovation and Functionality

Technical Data
  • Introducing the DS28A, an epitome of innovation and functionality within our range. This access gate, crafted with a sturdy steel thickness of 1.5mm, promises durability and is designed for intensive use. The DS28A melds strength with smart technology, offering bidirectional functionality for smooth traffic flow in both directions. The in-built LED indicators ensure clear visual cues, enabling users to easily discern the status and direction. With an IP54 certification, this model is safeguarded against dust and splashes, making it apt for both indoor and outdoor environments. Available in any desired RAL color, the DS28A seamlessly blends into varied settings. And with the ability to handle 30 passages a minute, it marries efficiency with aesthetics. Opt for reliability and style with the DS28A.

  • Productinfo
    • RVS 304
    • Bi-directional
    • LED-indicators
    • Hydraulic dampend
    • Reversing Protection
    • Steel Thickness 1.5mm
    Additional Options
    • RAL kleur naar keuze
    • Fall Arms
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