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Single Fullsize Security Gate

Technical Data
  • The Doorsescure FS102S is a full-height turnstile (also referred to as stadium turnstiles). This turnstile is available in both single and double configurations, and considering various situations, it can be availed with either a 3-rotor or 4-rotor. We recommend a 3-rotor for carrying tools, etc., and a 4-rotor should only be used in high-security scenarios. There are several finishing options available.

    The turnstile features LED arrows on the front and back, and provision has been made for day and night lighting by equipping the turnstile with pass-through lighting in the form of an LED lamp. The control system is housed in a waterproof cabinet and is easy to understand, enabling anyone to connect the turnstile with the right instructions. The control system is compatible with all access control systems. Moreover, various types of readers can be connected, such as barcode, iris scanner, RFID, coin insert, or all-in-1.

  • Productinfo
    • RVS 304
    • Bi-directional
    • LED-indicators
    • Motorised
    • Regulated rotation
    Additional Options
    • RAL kleur naar keuze
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