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Security in style

Technical Data
  • The Doorsescure FSG1 is a full-height turnstile with tall glass doors. There are various finishing options available.

    The turnstile is equipped with LED arrows on both the front and back sides. Additionally, considerations have been made for both day and night visibility by providing the turnstile with ambient lighting in the form of an LED light. The control system is housed in a waterproof cabinet and is easy to understand, allowing anyone to install the turnstile with the right instructions. The controls are compatible with all access control systems. Moreover, various types of readers can be connected, such as barcode, iris scanner, RFID, coin slot, or an all-in-one system.

  • Productinfo
    • RVS 304
    • Bi-directional
    • LED-indicators
    • Automatic locking if not passed after release.
    • Automatic unlocking in case of emergencies.
    Additional Options
    • RAL kleur naar keuze
    • Glass at desired height (up to 1.8m)
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